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Real Estate Sector Real Estate Sector Real Estate Sector Real Estate Sector Real Estate Sector Real Estate Sector Real Estate Sector Real Estate Sector

/ Reputation assessment and communications strategy
/ Corporate and project outreach
/ Stakeholder and community relations
/ Concepts, narrative, storytelling and contextual information
/ Media relations and press opportunities
/ Direct marketing events with clients
/ Development of media events
/ Crisis strategy, and preventative and reactive protocols
/ Scenario anticipation, contingency plans and alerts
/ Crisis management, statements, press meetings, containment

/ Practical spokesperson workshops
/ Advanced media and social network monitoring

“Today, it’s essential to have a 360° communications strategy. Given its deep know-how in the real estate sector, Quórum Comunicaciones has become a strategic partner to promote the brand and generate positive relations with our stakeholders, investors and end clients, as well as in general public opinion”.  


Cristián Armas, CEO of Empresas Armas


“Cultural shifts and new lifestyles pose a challenge for real estate companies. The strategic consulting provided by Quórum Comunicaciones has positioned RDG’s value proposition in the residential apartment segment, and installed greater differentiation in our market: the concept of ‘Efficient’.”


Andrés Ergas, Sales Director of RDG (Ralei Development Group)


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